Crack Sealing
2. Prep
3. Fill
How many times have you had a pothole that needed to be filled multiple times in one season? Fix it once and do it right the first time with the DuraPatcher system. Spray Injection Patching has proven to be the most cost effective and longest lasting process for repair of potholes in today's pavement.
• Cut material costs in half
• Fix and forget Potholes – REDUCE REPEAT REPAIRS
• More repairs in a day with less labor
The 4 step process:
1. Clean the repair area with compressed air. No need for removal of large stones or cutting our old asphalt.
2. Prep the area and seal it by coating it with a light coat of Emulsion. This helps bond the old surface to the new.
3. Fill the area with new emulsion coated aggregate. Patch is filled from the bottom up. The Aggregate is injected into the area and compacted at the same time. Further compaction is not required.
4. Cover the finished repair area with either a fresh coat of aggregate or the CPMG "PatchKote" solution to ready the repair for traffic.