Industry Achievements

• First with Oil Jacketed Kettle
• First with Vertical Material Agitator
• First with Dual Temperature Control
• First with Electronic Burner Ignition
• First with Rubber Torsion Axles

About CPMG

Since 1970 The Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group has focused on bringing innovative solutions to the Pavement Maintenance Industry. With a drive for performance and innovation, CPMG Continues to offer cutting edge technology through its worldwide network of distributors. CPMG is headquartered in Minneapolis MN with manufacturing plants in MN and MS.

Our Mission:
A product driven company with a focus on Innovation, Quality, Safety and Customer Service.

Our History:

1970- Cimline Incorporated. Focus on innovative Concrete Sawing and Sealing products. Developed Contracting, Equipment and Materials divisions. Innovations: Oil Jacketed crack sealer, Automatic temperature controls, Walk behind concrete saw. As pioneers in the sawing and sealing industry, Cimline Revolutionized the way things were done when it came to walk behind concrete saws.

1980’s- Contracting and materials divisions split off and Cimline Focus on equipment and new product development. Innovations: Span Saw, Centerline Saw, Faster heating Crack sealer. Again changing the industry were the Span Saw and Centerline saws providing a new level of efficiency and performance.

1992- Cimline Inc. Acquired by Hines Corporation. Becomes part of the Plymouth Industries Family. 90’s innovations: Riding Saw, Torsion axle trailers, Diesel Fired Crack sealers. Up till now, all crack sealers were Propane heated. Today the industry is almost exclusively Diesel fired.

2001- MAGMA Melter/Applicator is introduced. MAGMA Innovations: Largest capacity, Single or Dual Heated Hoses, Std. engine enclosure, Safest work-zone with lowest loading height, best operator visibility and largest working radius.

2006- Duraco Inc. acquired. Broadened product offering with cutting edge Spray Injection Patching Technology. Innovations: Vent Flow nozzle and venturi air delivery system, electric heating, front mounted horizontal folding boom technology for truck mounted patchers.

Since 2006 CPMG has released innovative technology such as the METRO, Gen III MAGMA and MATRIX Melter/Applicators.

GEN IV MAGMA: The latest innovation in pavement maintenance. Completely redesigned with the latest technology and focus on Safety and performance but also with sustainability in mind. Clean running tier IV compliant diesel engines and noise reducing covers. The new tank design is 20% more efficient on heat up, reducing fuel consumption and operating costs.

Plymouth Industries, Inc.
CPMG is proud to be part of the Plymouth Industries Family offering innovative products that allow our customers to be more productive and sustainable with a high level of safety. Leveraging Plymouth’s combined Engineering and Customer Service departments allow CPMG access to the latest technology and support even if it is outside the industry to meet the needs of our customers quickly. Plymouth Industries is a Construction Products and Services company working in the Pavement Maintenance, Commercial Roofing and Safety Fall Protection markets. For More information on Plymouth industries, Click here: